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Unique investment opportunities

Offering the best investment opportunities at the best price has always been our aim

Our objective is to provide the greatest financial investment guidance and risk management services available. Our clients may build tested plans with confidence due to our wealth of knowledge. On all investing strategies, Mitsuharu Group conducts a thorough investigation.

Because we are a people-driven company, our biggest contribution to the world comes from our team of exceptional people that embody the Mitsuharu Group values of cooperation, service, flexibility, drive, and integrity to positively impact the communities where we live and work.

Our Mission: Achieve Client Success

Through our diverse workforce and our culture of resilience and innovation, we aim to become a global leader in investment services, capital markets, and asset management and create value for clients and stakeholders.

Core Operating Values

Ordinary people are capable of great accomplishments when they are unified in a common mission and oriented around shared ideals.

  • Accurately determine the client's investing needs;
  • Building relationships with our clients to assist them in achieving their long-term financial objectives;
  • Adopting a distinctive client-first business trade attitude;
  • Operate with integrity in all dealings;
  • Provide value to the customer;
  • Meet and exceed customer expectations;
  • Continue to exercise discipline.

Firm Overview

Our trading desk has a total trading experience of more than 150 years. Your financial future will be impacted by the firm you choose to carry out your transactions, whether you are a trader or a hedger.

A highly skilled, capable, and professional staff of brokers and traders at Mitsuharu Group is ready to offer you any level of support you require, from straightforward broker-assisted hedging trades to intricate option strategies.

All of our brokers have an in-depth practical understanding of the technical and theoretical aspects of the financial market. To interpret chart patterns and trends, we employ the most recent developments in algorithmic trading, artificial intelligence, and technical indicators. We quickly and effectively complete orders while always keeping in mind your budgetary objectives.

The Mitsuharu Group offers professional and dependable brokerage services to businesses, investors, and other customers at fair prices. Whether you are an investor or a commercial enterprise, we believe we have the ideal mix to help your business succeed. We offer active, discretionary programs that are intended to increase commodities exposure. Additionally, through a registered investment company, individual investors can gain access to commodities as an asset class.

Brokerage Services

Whether you need assistance with straightforward futures trades or intricate marketing plans, our brokers are well-equipped to assist you. We are a community-oriented brokerage company.

  • Commitment to Sustainability
  • ESG
  • Diversity and Inclusion
  • Charity

Corporate Access

The Mitsuharu Group Global Access team collaborates with the company's Equities, Fixed Income, and Commodity Trading desk to offer businesses access to investors and first-rate logistics for all international marketing.

Capabilities include:

  • A tailored strategic pre-roadshow investor research to identify the best target locations and investors;
  • Internationally plan, arrange, and manage investor access events as well as non-deal, deal, and reverse roadshows;
  • For the course of your event, knowledgeable marketing coordinators will serve as your primary point of contact;
  • A flexible program serving the management's best interests, with a wide range of institutional clients on the Sales and Trading platform;
  • Personalized market information and buy-side investment insights on your company from Mitsuharu Group Sales and Trading;
  • Committed Mitsuharu Group hedge fund relationship team that is well-versed in funds' investment strategies and frequently communicates with the hedge fund community;
  • Arrange for Mitsuharu Group to participate in and fund industry conferences in order to foster greater client engagement, information flow, and intelligence;
  • Prompt follow-up with investors to get feedback on all non-deal events for management;
  • International sector-focused conferences.


Working closely with the Mitsuharu Group Global Economics and Strategy teams, strategists offer macro investing insights and analysis on data and events that move the markets. The strategists of the Mitsuharu Group conduct in-depth analyses of corporate and sovereign issuers in all emerging regions. The trading and sales platforms are properly integrated with our top strategists.

Global Research and Strategy

Thought leadership is provided by Mitsuharu Group Global Research and Strategy across all financial markets, providing our clients with insightful information and suggestions on market strategy, economics, stock, fixed income, commodities trading, and digital currencies.

Emerging Markets

In Latin America, Eastern Europe, the Middle East, Africa, and Asia, the Mitsuharu Group is a market-maker and an active participant in the hard currency sovereign and corporate fixed income markets. We are able to use our balance sheet and offer our clients the best possible liquidity and intellectual capital due to our knowledge and solid contacts.

Client Oriented

In our interactions with clients, we have observed that effective managers do not hesitate to take decisions because they understand that doing so is necessary to maintain their company’s competitiveness. Our objective is to support our clients in making more wise financial decisions.

Despite the high level of risk associated with trading, we are proud of the outcomes we have regularly provided to our clients. Client recommendations or business connections created on client management teams have contributed significantly to the expansion of our business.

Our distinctive business trading philosophy - clients first - is responsible for the success of our client relationships. It is challenging to compare our services to those of other "Risk Management" businesses because we offer far more to our clients than a conventional trading firm would.

The Mitsuharu Group makes an effort to conduct itself ethically and morally in all of its dealings. We think that if we run as a servant-focused firm, our clients will have profitable businesses with solid foundations.

Why Mitsuharu Group?

In addition to cutting-edge trading technology, Mitsuharu Group offers its customers commissions and fees that enable them to compete with professional and institutional traders. Offering the best investment choices at the best price has always been our aim.

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We have one goal, to provide unique investment opportunities

Mitsuharu Group is a business that has made investments in cutting-edge technology that enables its customers to work more productively, efficiently, and profitably - technology that boosts efficiency in the financial markets.

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