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Accurately determine the client's investing needs

Our goal is comprehensive client success throughout all financial spheres

Individual investors, wealthy families, financial institutions, corporations, hedge funds, market-making, private equity, and trading houses are a few of Mitsuharu Group's clientele. Every day, our clients depend on us to deliver best-in-class execution and price discovery for some of the most complex energy trading requirements.

We offer all selective investors the technology and execution service they demand.

The Mitsuharu Group specializes in meeting the demands of both experienced and starting traders. The knowledgeable staff at Mitsuharu Group works hard to offer the technology and execution service that all perceptive futures traders expect.

Individual Investors

Long-term wealth creation and preservation are our primary goals.

For clients with particular investment needs and preferences, the Private Clients Desk manages personalized portfolios. We put a lot of effort into comprehending your demands and are experts at creating specialized investment portfolios for trading stocks, equity indices, commodities, or cryptocurrencies.

By investing in assets that produce reliable performance over time, we are able to focus on accumulating and protecting money over the long term. In order to create investment portfolios that live up to expectations, we think it is important to have a long-term connection with our customers. Through constant dialogue and engagement with each client, our team of seasoned financial specialists offers clients personalized service.

Introducing Brokers

Introducing brokers are driven by their desire to grow their business platforms. Mitsuharu Group Trading will provide them with the resources they require to run their operations successfully.

A partial list of the services provided by Mitsuharu Group includes lead creation, research, and competitive clearance rates along with different trading platforms. Our trained, experienced workforce is available to serve the commodities industry in all of its facets.

Floor Traders

Professional traders have high expectations, thus we provide a wide range of services to meet those needs, from front-end services to a wide variety of electronic trading platforms that instantaneously link users to all the main Exchanges.

Full-Service Trading

When you seek to diversify your portfolio, the futures and options markets offer reliable investing alternatives.

When investing in a variety of marketplaces, it is essential to partner with a company that has the stability and knowledge to maneuver through constantly shifting situations.

Our exclusive combined knowledge will provide you with the reassurances you need when executing these contracts, whether the goal is to hedge and offset unpredictability in agricultural commodities or buy a surplus of foreign currency to stabilize a business agreement.

It is crucial to match the efficiency of the support offered with the execution of the services given in an economy where bottom-line results are a top priority. You may be sure that the cost of the execution Mitsuharu Group gives offers genuine value when calculating ROI (Return on Investment). The Mitsuharu Group was established on the tenet that happy customers are the result of excellent service and reasonable prices.

CTAs (Commodity Trading Advisors) / Institutional Clients

Hedge fund managers, institutional traders, commodity trading advisors, and hedgers are all professionals who engage in a daily industry that is extremely demanding. They want faultless execution to be carried out quickly and reliably, and they evaluate performance against each particular request.

We have the tools and skilled personnel at Mitsuharu Group to meet these expectations. Our experts will take your input into account and present the best trading platform that satisfies your needs.

Demonstrations are accessible for all trading platforms if anyone is interested in trying out alternative possibilities. We can offer quick, reliable execution whether orders are routed through open outcry or one of our many computerized systems.

Self-Directed Trading

We give you the freedom of choice at Mitsuharu Group. Various trading platforms are available from us to suit your needs. Even the most demanding trader has access to the tools needed to unlock electronic exchanges across the entire futures sector thanks to our unique platform, Mitsuharu EDGE.

Our Mission: Achieve Client Success

Through our diverse workforce and our culture of resilience and innovation, we aim to become a global leader in investment services, capital markets, and asset management and create value for clients and stakeholders.

Ordinary people are capable of great accomplishments when they are unified in a common mission and oriented around shared ideals.

Accurately determine the client's investing needs;

Building relationships with our clients to assist them in achieving their long-term financial objectives;

Adopting a distinctive client-first business trade attitude;

Operate with integrity in all dealings;

Provide value to the customer;

Meet and exceed customer expectations;

Continue to exercise discipline.