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Where the pros trade

The managers of the Commodity Trading Desk have a combined 50 years of experience; therefore we have a proven track record of servicing you.

The Mitsuharu Group specializes in trading commodities, futures, and options. We provide complete access to international markets with round-the-clock trading on a variety of platforms that best meet your range of needs.

You must have the capacity to select the technology that best meets your needs if you are a professional trader. Utilize platforms to access global futures markets through Mitsuharu Group and we will provide you with the best platform and assistance.

At the Forefront of Service and Technology

The Mitsuharu Group was founded on the principle that traders of commodities, futures, and options should have quick and simple access to the market, knowledgeable staff managing their accounts, a competitive commission rate, and any other resources necessary to take advantage of a full trading environment.

We provide access to a variety of trading platforms, starting with our own Mitsuharu Group Edge Trader, which gives even the most experienced trader the execution and gateway they need for today's markets. We at Mitsuharu Group are aware that a successful brokerage firm's foundation is its level of customer service.

A leading global provider of brokerage services, Mitsuharu Group focuses on over-the-counter derivatives in the commodities markets.

To deliver a more customized, knowledgeable, and developed level of service, our team intentionally seeks out and keeps bright people from the trading and brokerage industries. The main front office staff of Mitsuharu Group possesses a great deal of combined experience in commodity options trading.

Because of our widespread presence, we can offer execution services across a variety of markets, including those in Asia, Australia, Europe, and the US throughout trading hours. The largest companies in the sector are all part of a vast network that Mitsuharu Group has established.

The majority of the company's clients are physical traders, financial institutions, and hedge funds. Pricing services, strategic hedging, execution (OTC and Screen), and research are the areas of expertise of Mitsuharu Group. With the help of our team's trading expertise and unique Option and Swaps pricing models, we can examine bid-ask spreads and price structures to find the most liquid and competitive offers available in the market.

What We Do


The staff at Mitsuharu Group actively navigates the rapidly shifting commodity environment during uncertain times, taking into account both extremely favorable and unfavorable markets. In order to maximize returns and reduce risk, Mitsuharu Group offers exclusive fundamental market research and pricing analysis.

To assess the specifics and nuances of agricultural commodities, we combine our knowledge of the grain and livestock markets, our connections on the trading floor, professional fundamental analysis, and advanced pricing analysis.

Pure hedgers prioritize reducing the volatility of their overall positions, whereas Mitsuharu Group actively manages its positions. Without losing sight of the big picture, our reliable and prompt service keeps the market in focus.

Managed Futures

A rule-based discretionary managed futures program is available for individual investors wanting to diversify their portfolios with non-traditional assets. Our dynamic methodology comprises fundamental input, technical analysis, statistical probability, seasonality trends, and research that is at the forefront of the industry. The proprietary trade of Mitsuharu Group involves a specified market entry and exit plan based on seasonal market trends, in addition to our cash and product models, technical analysis, and knowledge of commodity market circumstances.

Our Services

Our capabilities - which include comprehensive services, knowledgeable advisors, specialized investment options, full-balance sheet guidance, and personalized reporting - are based on what our clients need.