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Continue to exercise discipline.

We have a Trading Desk with over 150 years of combined trading experience.

Building partnerships that assist our clients and their families in achieving their financial and long-term objectives is our area of greatest expertise. For us, success is determined not by revenue but by the number of legacies we contribute to.

Clients of the Mitsuharu Group take advantage of some of the most cutting-edge and distinctive investment options available. The key is wise asset allocation (via diversification).

We take a comprehensive approach to manage a full team of advisors, including CPAs (Certified Public Accountants), risk managers, investment bankers, and other experts, in addition to managing your portfolio.

Our Strategy

The financial experts at Mitsuharu Group employ a smart strategy to maximize earnings in relation to the risks in our clients' portfolios.

Our Approach:

  • Index the asset classes with a high likelihood of market outperformance or underperformance historically;
  • Manage those asset classes actively that are most likely to outperform;
  • Locate and take advantage of special one-time investment possibilities that are unrelated to conventional marketable securities;
  • Team up with experts whose talents and knowledge will be beneficial to our clients;
  • Continue to exercise discipline. Evaluate, reevaluate, and rebalance;
  • Pay close attention to transferring assets to charity or the next generation by seeking guidance on trusts, foundations, insurance options, gifting, and tax minimization.

The world is a lot more difficult now than it was even five or ten years ago. Globalization of portfolios has expanded an investor's options beyond only stocks, bonds, and cash. Today's investors must think about asset classes from around the globe and then choose the best approach to access those asset classes. Investors now more than ever require management that keeps a constant eye on the markets.

In constructing portfolios, we ask ourselves:

  • Are interest rates rising or falling?
  • Is unemployment rising or falling?
  • Is the GDP growing or contracting?
  • Is the dollar strengthening or weakening?
  • Are trade balances widening or contracting?
  • How are consumers behaving?
  • Are housing starts increasing or decreasing?
  • What is happening to the price of key commodities like oil?
  • Are there political risks and concerns hanging over the markets?

The Mitsuharu Group team provides our client connections with well over 150 years of total market experience. We have personally experienced every type of market climate, and we apply the information we have acquired along the way to every customer relationship.

Our Process

Our process starts with our Investment Committee. The members of the Investment Committee, who are overseen by the founding members of Mitsuharu Group, are directly in charge of your portfolio's strategy, securities selection, and development. Hands-on, partner-level involvement is a major advantage of selecting a company like Mitsuharu Group. Relationship Managers, who in turn communicate portfolio decisions to customers and provide real-time performance reporting, work directly with our Investment Committee.

Finally, all of our clients will receive the utmost care and satisfaction from our client service, marketing, and operations teams. They meticulously handle each request with precision and efficiency. Let us demonstrate the impact this strategy can have on your bottom line.

Our Mission: Achieve Client Success

Through our diverse workforce and our culture of resilience and innovation, we aim to become a global leader in investment services, capital markets, and asset management and create value for clients and stakeholders.

Ordinary people are capable of great accomplishments when they are unified in a common mission and oriented around shared ideals.

Accurately determine the client's investing needs;

Building relationships with our clients to assist them in achieving their long-term financial objectives;

Adopting a distinctive client-first business trade attitude;

Operate with integrity in all dealings;

Provide value to the customer;

Meet and exceed customer expectations;

Continue to exercise discipline.