• Firm Overview

    To interpret chart patterns and trends, we employ the most recent developments in algorithmic trading, artificial intelligence, and technical indicators.

  • Strategy

    The strategists of Mitsuharu Group conduct in-depth analyses of corporate and sovereign issuers in all emerging markets.

  • Client Oriented

    Our distinctive business trading philosophy - clients first - is responsible for the success of our client relationships.

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We Diversify

By employing our diverse workforce and our culture of resilience and innovation, we aim to be a global leader in investment services, capital markets, and asset management and create value for clients and stakeholders.

  • Commodity Trading

    Excellent Service, Reliability, and Integrity for Commodity, Futures, and Options at All Levels.

  • Cryptocurrency Trading

    We combine investment approaches to raise the fund's efficiency level. This indicates that we produce greater profits per unit of risk than cryptocurrencies do.

  • Equity Index

    On all significant global exchanges, you can access global indexes. Cut trading expenses as much as possible.

  • Shares Trading

    Use the same Mitsuharu Group Account to access a wide range of equities on numerous exchanges worldwide.

  • Individual Investors

    Long-term wealth creation and preservation are our primary goals.

  • Full-Service Trading

    When you aim to diversify your portfolio, the futures and options markets offer reliable investing opportunities.

  • CTAs (Commodity Trading Advisors) / Institutional Clients

    Hedge fund managers, institutional traders, commodity trading advisors, and hedgers are all professionals who engage in a daily industry that is extremely demanding.

Our Mission: Achieve Client Success

Through our diverse workforce and our culture of resilience and innovation, we aim to become a global leader in investment services, capital markets, and asset management and create value for clients and stakeholders.

Ordinary people are capable of great accomplishments when they are unified in a common mission and oriented around shared ideals.

Accurately determine the client's investing needs;

Building relationships with our clients to assist them in achieving their long-term financial objectives;

Adopting a distinctive client-first business trade attitude;

Operate with integrity in all dealings;

Provide value to the customer;

Meet and exceed customer expectations;

Continue to exercise discipline.

Our Services

Our capabilities - which include comprehensive services, knowledgeable advisors, specialized investment options, full-balance sheet guidance, and personalized reporting - are based on what our clients need.

Our Strategy

The financial experts at Mitsuharu Group employ a smart strategy to maximize earnings in relation to the risks in our clients' portfolios.

Index the asset classes with a high likelihood of market outperformance or underperformance historically.

Manage those asset classes actively that are most likely to outperform;

Locate and take advantage of special one-time investment possibilities that are unrelated to conventional marketable securities;

Team up with experts whose talents and knowledge will be beneficial to our clients;

Continue to exercise discipline. Evaluate, reevaluate, and rebalance;

Pay close attention to transferring assets to charity or the next generation by seeking guidance on trusts, foundations, insurance options, gifting, and tax minimization.

Why Mitsuharu Group?

In addition to cutting-edge trading technology, Mitsuharu Group offers its customers commissions and fees that enable them to compete with professional and institutional traders. Offering the best investment choices at the best price has always been our aim.

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We have one goal, to provide unique investment opportunities

Mitsuharu Group is a business that has made investments in cutting-edge technology that enables its customers to work more productively, efficiently, and profitably - technology that boosts efficiency in the financial markets.

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