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Adding value for the client

Our objective is to provide the greatest risk management and financial investing advice available.

Built to Serve Our Clients

Our capabilities - which include comprehensive services, knowledgeable advisors, specialized investment options, full-balance sheet guidance, and personalized reporting - are based on what our clients need. We also have the support of leading international financial institutions, which have the potential to trade and execute internationally.

Find out what Mitsuharu Group's strengths can accomplish for you:

  • Execution Services
  • Clearing Services
  • Managed Futures
  • Alternative Investments
  • Prime Services
  • Outsourced Trading
  • Prime Brokerage
  • Technology: Trading Systems and Reporting
  • Capital Intelligence
  • Client Services and Operations
  • Private Wealth Management

Execution Services

In order to provide its clients with the best possible investment services, Mitsuharu Group employs a skilled and knowledgeable execution staff. Today's investors must think about asset classes from around the globe and then choose the best approach to access those asset classes. Investors now more than ever require management that keeps a constant eye on the markets.

Clearing Services

We collaborate with family offices, high-net-worth individuals, retail investors, hedge funds, banks, high-frequency traders, and market makers. The strong back-office infrastructure that Mitsuharu Group has makes it possible for us to expertly and efficiently handle all of our customers' clearing and allocation demands. Customers situated all over the world who trade on international futures and options exchanges can use our clearing services.

Our global services include:

  • Straight Through Processing of futures and options transactions on global exchanges;
  • Position margining in one currency;
  • Reliable reporting of transactions, open positions, and end-of-day balances in a timely manner;
  • Reliable notice and processing of deposits and withdrawals;
  • A breakdown of all commissions and fees or bundled commission and charge reporting;
  • A single point of contact for all client-service needs;
  • Expertise in finding deliverable-grade commodities, financing, and commodity delivery support.

Managed Futures

A managed futures account offers exposure to a broad range of financial and physical commodity futures markets traded globally, managed by a qualified money manager known as a Commodity Trading Advisor.

Mitsuharu Group provides value in managed futures through a Full-Service strategy. Our team has a lot of expertise in creating investment plans for investors from all around the world. When choosing great personnel for the registered trading advisor sector, we use a very systematic method.

In order to educate and assist investors in creating a portfolio that will be a useful risk management tool for real investment diversification, Mitsuharu Group uses seasoned consultants with vast experience in the alternative asset sector. Our staff's evaluation of registered trading advisors includes more than just a mathematical examination in its analytical procedure.

Although ultimately the client is in charge of selecting a manager, our team members have years of expertise, are familiar with top traders, and collaborate with up-and-coming managers. We use in-depth statistical analysis to determine the best mix of portfolio managers, and we offer reports to let you assess these traders on a daily basis.

Alternative Investments

Through private markets or hedge funds that are in line with your goals, we assist you in coming up with fresh concepts and spotting innovation across all asset classes.

For guidance and information on the alternative investment market and the possible benefits of including these investments in a portfolio for diversity, our clients have depended on our knowledge and expertise.

What are alternative investments?

There are primarily two categories. Private assets like infrastructure, private real estate, private equity, and private credit come first. They provide investors with access to alternative sources of return and are more complicated and rarely traded than public equities and bonds. The second category, hedge funds, mostly trade on open markets but employ less conventional strategies including short selling and leverage.

Technology: Trading Systems and Reporting

The Mitsuharu Group Technology team provides customers with a simple, adaptable, and worldwide execution electronic trading system, as well as a complete algo suite with access to various liquidity sources.

The Mitsuharu Group Portfolio Accounting and Reporting system, which provides daily reports, customizable reporting options, tools, risk analyses, and an order management system, is also available to clients. The technology team of the Mitsuharu Group is dedicated to giving customers a reliable trading system and customizable reports.

Capital Intelligence

A bundled Capital Intelligence advisory function for clients has been created by Mitsuharu Group Prime Services by combining its Business Consulting and Capital Introductions offerings.

Mitsuharu Group Capital Intelligence uses its own data and information flow systems to give a more specialized and focused experience for its clients in order to provide the best advising function possible.

In order to meet their demands throughout the fund life cycle, Mitsuharu Group Capital Intelligence works with a variety of clients, including both established hedge funds and emerging managers.

Client Services and Operations

Assigned coverage is provided to each new account, starting with the onboarding process and continuing throughout the fund's existence. The client service and onboarding teams of Mitsuharu Group offer our clients the greatest level of touch service and operational competence.

Private Wealth Management

Clients always come first.

Mitsuharu Group Private Wealth Management caters to the sophisticated requirements of business owners, top executives, and family offices. High-end advice services and Mitsuharu Group's global execution are combined on our special platform.

  • Corporate and Executive Services
  • Wealth and Estate Planning
  • Investment Advisory and Asset Allocation
  • Insurance Planning
  • Capital Markets Expertise
  • Customized Hedging
  • Institutional Trading and Execution
  • Structured Product Offerings
  • Family Office Services
  • Custom Lending Solutions

Our Mission: Achieve Client Success

Through our diverse workforce and our culture of resilience and innovation, we aim to become a global leader in investment services, capital markets, and asset management and create value for clients and stakeholders.

Ordinary people are capable of great accomplishments when they are unified in a common mission and oriented around shared ideals.

Accurately determine the client's investing needs;

Building relationships with our clients to assist them in achieving their long-term financial objectives;

Adopting a distinctive client-first business trade attitude;

Operate with integrity in all dealings;

Provide value to the customer;

Meet and exceed customer expectations;

Continue to exercise discipline.